Dry Clean Express, the leading company in the dry cleaning industry, says, “Spend more time with your loved ones! Take away the ironing and laundry troubles!” he called.

With the approaching Valentine's Day, we begin to think more about the time we spare for our loved ones and their importance in our lives. In addition, the question of how we can alleviate the tedious and time-consuming work of our loved ones, which makes our lives meaningful, comes to the fore.

The Best Valentine's Day Gift

As Valentine's Day approaches, the gift rush of spouses and lovers continues to increase. Stating that the best gift that can be given to our loved ones is to spend more time with them, Dry Clean Express Chairman of the Board Fatih Avşar said that it is the best Valentine's Day gift to save your loved ones from the most time-consuming ironing and laundry load during the housework shift that starts at home after a busy working day. stressed.

End the Work that Started at Home!

Stating that every individual needs to spend a peaceful time at home after the all-day work marathon, Fatih Avşar said, "A person who is exposed to workload and stress all day should not get tired at home, but should have a peaceful time and rest so that he is motivated and ready for the next day. so that you can begin. However, the work of people living in the metropolis continues, and after a busy work marathon, housework continues at home. At the beginning of these works, the most tiring and time-consuming; ironing and laundry. Because of this type of work, people do not have enough time to take care of themselves, their families and loved ones, and also to rest.”

“Dry Cleaning Service is Not a Luxury, It is a Necessity”

Stating that dry cleaning service is not a luxury but a necessity especially for employees, Avşar said, “Thanks to the services we offer, people not only save time but also save economically. The energy and time spent on laundry and ironing, or the cost of an assistant to be hired, is much more expensive when compared to our services. As Dry Clean Express, 'Spend more time with your loved ones! We aim to raise awareness about efficient use of time and economic savings by saying, “Take away the problems of ironing and laundry!”