The dry cleaning industry, which is indispensable for modern life and has become a necessity rather than a luxury, will continue to be the favorite of investors in 2016, according to experts.

With the increase in the number of working women and white-collar workers, increasing hotel investments, diversification of textile products and the development of consumer awareness, the dry cleaning industry has entered a rapid growth process in recent years. It was announced that the business revenue of the dry cleaning industry, which is among the top four most profitable industries in the world, reached 500 million Euros in 2015, including the services provided to industrial customers.

Leading dry cleaning brand with Turkey's largest dealer network Fatih Avşar, Chairman of Dry Clean Express, dry cleaning industry; He stated that due to its low operating cost and 70% profit margin, it was a favorite of investors in 2015 and they predicted that the industry will continue to make investors smile in 2016.

“The Dry Cleaning Sector in Turkey lags behind the European Market”

Stating that there are nearly 50 dry cleaning companies in Turkey, which have achieved institutionalization and are in this process, of a certain size. Fatih Avşar“In 2015, the business revenue in the dry cleaning sector has reached 500 million Euros. However, the annual business revenue in the European and world market is far beyond this figure. The fact that the dry cleaning industry in Turkey lags behind the European and world markets has many demographic and cultural characteristics. If we look at these features; income level, marital status, cultural development, place of residence, education level, working population, etc. We can continue as. If we take an example from these variable features; While the increase in the population of working mothers causes an increase in the demand for the service, the decrease in the income level causes the dry cleaning to be seen as a luxury necessity, thus reducing the demand. The absence of an understanding of a housewife ironing in Europe is a reflection of the cultural influence. In fact, this point of view should not change between countries, and the awareness that dry cleaning is not a luxury but a necessity should be established.


“We aim to create a commercial activity bridge in the world market”

Leading the standardization of the dry cleaning industry Dry Clean Express, For the last 1.5 years, with the support of the state, it has played an important role in trying to finish the dry cleaning under the stairs and raising the service quality to European standards. Stating that in 2015, they opened 2 branches in Georgia and Ukraine and new branches in 18 provinces in Turkey, and continued to provide dry cleaning services with healthy and environmentally friendly technologies. Fatih Avşar, Chairman of Dry Clean Express“We have started our research and work to realize our project to open at least one branch in every province of Anatolia in 2016. At the same time, if we are accepted to the Turquality program, we want to create a commercial activity bridge in the world market by rapidly realizing our overseas growth targets.”