THE MOST PROFITABLE CLEANING The dry cleaning industry, which has reached a size of 1.5 billion liras, has become the target of entrepreneurs. DryCIean Express Chairman of the Board Fatih Avşar, who said that a shop worth 80,000 Euros returns in at least 15 months, said, "The minimum monthly turnover of a dry cleaning shop is 33 thousand liras." The dry cleaning industry, which has grown rapidly in the last 10 years, has reached a market of 1.5 billion liras. The number of corporate and dealership brands in the sector reached 10. Explaining that a turnkey dry cleaning shop costs 80 thousand Euros, Dry Clean Express Chairman of the Board Fatih Avşar said that this shop has a monthly turnover of at least 33 thousand liras. Saying that there are many entrepreneurs who want to invest in this field, Fatih Avşar gave the following advice to those who want to invest in the dry cleaning sector: HOW THE MARKET IS GROWING • The sector has grown rapidly in the last 10 years. • The fairs and events held increased the awareness of the sector. • The market in Turkey reached 1.5 billion liras. • Last year, 30 thousand dry cleaning companies generated 10V billion dollars in revenue in America alone. • The dry cleaning industry in Europe reaches 12 billion dollars. COST AND RETURN • Income and expense statements are displayed item by item and a template is created based on real figures. • Our franchise terms are determined during these negotiations. • We provide site selection, store design, machine park setup and training. • We deliver a turnkey shop to our dealer for 80 thousand Euros. • The investment cost provides a return in approximately W 15-18 months. HOW IS THE CUSTOMER PROFILE • A significant portion of the customers are married and employees. • Private sector employees and company executives are the most important customer profile of this sector. • 77% of consumers prefer a dry cleaner close to their home. • In recent years, interest in shops in shopping centers has also increased. WHAT FEATURES ARE SEARCHED IN ENTREPRENEURS DRY Clean Express Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fatih Avşar, listed the qualities sought in entrepreneurs as follows: • Open to new developments related to the sector, foresight, who can be successful in customer service and relationship management. Investors with a dynamic and young spirit • Entrepreneurs with perspectives that are capable of being transparent to customers and employees, instilling trust, always keeping customer satisfaction in the first place, and a merchandising approach to dry cleaning. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW • There are about 50 companies, large and small, providing corporate or individual service in the sector today. • The number of companies that have achieved institutionalization and created a brand perception is 10. • The market in Turkey is expected to grow by 10 percent next year. • It is one of the sectors that does not accept mistakes because the goods of the customers are valuable.