DRY CLEANING IS THE FAVORITE OF INVESTORS, THE DRY CLEANING SECTOR, WHICH IS AN ESSENTIAL IN MODERN LIFE AND BECOME A NEED FROM LUXURIOUS, ACCORDING TO THE EXPERTS, THE NUMBER OF CONSUMERS IN THE LAST YEAR HAS BEEN INCREASE IN 2016, THE NUMBERS OF INVESTORS IN THE HOTEL CONTINUED. With the development of awareness, the dry cleaning industry has entered a rapid growth process in recent years. It was announced that the business revenue of the dry cleaning industry, which is among the top four most profitable industries in the world, reached 500 million Euros in 2015, including the services provided to industrial customers. Fatih Avşar, chairman of the board of Dry Clean Express, one of the leading dry cleaning brands in Turkey, said that the dry cleaning industry; He states that due to its low operating cost and 70% profit margin, it became a favorite of investors in 2015 and they predict that the industry will continue to make investors smile in 2016.