Attention, thousands of entrepreneurial candidates who have a small capital in Turkey but cannot decide which field to invest in!

Dry cleaning is turning into a business opportunity with a high profit margin for these potential entrepreneurs. For an entrepreneur, issues such as the industry, competition and business sustainability are among the most important factors of the business. Dry cleaning is one of the most profitable industries today. The fact that cleaning is a basic need, there is a constant demand, and it has become one of the sectors with a high profit margin in terms of competition and business sustainability has made the dry cleaning industry one of the most popular investment areas in recent years.

Every Day Needs More
With factors such as the desire to use our time and energy efficiently in a busy working life, the need for more well-groomed dressing, the diversity of textiles and the increase in urbanization, dry cleaning has become a sector that is more needed day by day. In this transformation, with corporate companies taking over the dry cleaning business, the quality service environment that can meet all the needs of the customers has also developed and diversified in the dry cleaning operations, which switched from traditional methods to modern methods.
Not a Luxury, a Necessity
Fatih Avşar, Chairman of the Board of Dry Clean Express Dry Clean, which has the largest dealer network in the dry cleaning sector in Turkey and has been awarded the "Golden Brand" award for 4 consecutive years, said that large investments have been made in order to provide a good service in the dry cleaning sector in Turkey. He pointed out that dry cleaning, which has become a necessity instead of a luxury, is one of the most profitable sectors with these investments. Dry Clean Express; It is managed in good conditions, well-equipped, with a good service network. Fatih Avşar: “We have a high quality service network. We are trying to keep it at the highest level by controlling it uninterruptedly. We provided a good service, we established a good concept, we did a good marketing activity and all these brought us success.”

The Industry That Wants You to Manage Money, Not Invent it
Saying that the lack of high operating costs is one of the biggest factors for entering this sector, Fatih Avşar said: “The dry cleaning sector is a great opportunity for entrepreneur candidates who want to venture not only in Turkey, but also in Europe or other countries of the world. We offer entrepreneurs who want and aim to carry their success abroad with the opportunity to realize their goals with dealership support.”
Revolutionary Technology in Dry Cleaning Industry “GreenEarth”
Avşar, who gave information about the "GreenEarth" technology, which is completely ecological, does not harm human and environmental health in any way, and is economical as well as ecological, said: "Some of the substances and liquids used in dry cleaning could harm the environment and the human body. As a company, we use healthy and nature-friendly technologies. GreenEarth technology is also the healthiest and most ecological final cleaning system in the industry. It never contains chemicals that can harm human health. It does not harm sensitive clothes at all. Contrary to traditional dry cleaning systems, in GreenEarth technology, the color and texture vividness of clothes increases with each wash. Thus, the clothes are renewed with each wash. In addition, since the system does not require distillation, it provides water and energy savings up to 9000 TL per year. Thanks to the pure silicon it contains, it eliminates the risk of damaging expensive clothes such as evening dresses, fur, silk, leather and cashmere. Made of natural sand, the silicone ensures the longevity of the clothes, and this silicone; It is one of the main components of many products that come into contact with the skin, such as baby pacifiers, feeding bottles, shampoos, and hand creams. The waste from the system is recycled to the environment as sand.”