After the uncertain period before the election, the stability in Turkey after the November 1 elections positively affected investment ideas and Saudi Arabian investors. Saudi investors preferred dry cleaning, which is one of the most profitable sectors.

  1. Having left its 10th year behind and having the largest dealer network in Turkey with its 82 branches, DRY Clean Express has become the new favorite of Saudi investors.

The dry cleaning industry, which ranks 4th out of the 10 most profitable sectors, is spreading rapidly in Turkey and in the world. Fatih Avşar, Chairman of DRY Clean Express; “We want to represent the prestige, history and cultural richness of our brand in the world markets in the best way possible, and to create a new commercial activity bridge in Turkey and the world markets, in order to carry our brand, which is appreciated in our country, to a higher level. He said that Saudi Arabian investors have a great interest in our brand.” diye konuştu.

Saudi Arabian Investors Knocked on the Door of DRY Clean Express

Dry cleaning industry; The fact that it is an investment opportunity with low cost and profitable to sell attracts the attention of Saudi Arabian investors to the dry cleaning sector. Fatih Avşar evaluates the Saudi investors' willingness to work with DRY Clean Express as follows; “In addition to being the leader in the dry cleaning sector, we have an investor and foresight system that follows innovations. Our transparency and honesty policy, our understanding of service that we constantly try to improve are some of the reasons that encourage investors to work with us.With its franchise system, it offers a high-tech service that guarantees a ready customer for independent investors, is cost-effective, includes perfect feasibility studies, provides continuous business training and experience sharing. These are just some of the reasons why Saudi Arabian investors prefer DRY Clean Express.

With its strong corporate structure, DRY Clean Express currently has 82 branches. Saying that they are targeting 100 branches in 2016, Avşar states that they are like a family with franchisees, that there is constant communication between the dealers, that they employ trained personnel, and that these factors distinguish DRY Clean Express from other brands.